Hailing from San Jose, CA.. Klank brings Electro (hard)-Rock Craze to a whole new level.  David Hitchcock, Rawkzilla Magazine

Splicing the mosh pit and the dance floor, this wrecking machine originally from New York known as KLANK released their debut album “Still Suffering” on the Seattle-based Tooth & Nail Records in 1997. Breaking musical boundaries with a sound described as ‘dancy, aggressive, dark, electronically infused groove’, KLANK spent 18 weeks on the CMJ Top 40 charts and their monster single “Downside” which was added to over 170 radio stations nationwide. KLANK gained an immense amount of attention and notoriety while forming a strong, loyal fan base with their constant touring and growing reputation for intense live shows.KLANK then made their mark once again with their sophomore release “Numb” which included the crushing single “Blind” which again made it into the top 40 on the CMJ charts. A video was also filmed for “Blind” which become a regular fixture on the Much Music channel.Following Numb, KLANK appeared on several compilations which included their version of “I’ll Wait” to the “Running with the Devil – a Tribute to Van Halen ” release.KLANK consists of Daren “Klank” Diolosa (Circle Of Dust) on vocals, guitars, Pat Servedio on guitar, keys, programming and production, Danny Owsley on guitar, Charlie Parker on bass and Eric Wilkins on drums. When asked to summarize KLANK’s music and lyrical direction, Diolosa has explained that, “Writing music is a form of therapy that helps to release bottled up frustrations and emotions that otherwise have no outlet… We write music that we feel comes from deep down inside and a lot of people can relate because it’s based on real life situations and emotions from living our everyday life… From mood swings, bitterness, the longing for inner peace to elements of hope, happiness & even despair. We all have to deal with these in our lives and this is our way to vent those issues… We call it ‘sonic therapy’.”

After the release of NUMB, Diolosa contributed vocals to the song “Silhouette Of Rage” found on Argyle Park’s “Suspension of Disbelief” release.

In 2007 the band released the “In Memory Of…” EP which featured the trademark KLANK sound of layers of guitars, keyboards, samples, thumping bass, live and programmed drums fused with melodic, deep heartfelt introspective lyrics. “In Memory Of…” containes the song “EXPN2Day”, which the band had written, by request of ESPN specifically for their extreme sports / music show called “EXPN2Day”

On April 20, 2010 KLANK unleashed their “NUMB…Reborn” release which contains 15 tracks of the classic KLANK sound which included guest appearances by Jim Chaffin, Larry Farkas and Mike Phillips. Songs like Don’t Count Me Out, Blind, D.F.L. and The Rules tip the scales of heaviness, while songs like Broken, God? and So Very Real lets the bands melodic side shine through in full form.

KLANK’s latest offering titled “URBAN WARFARE” was released on June 12, 2012 and is being hailed not only as the bands best but also their strongest release to date. Complete with a guest appearance by Dug Pinnick from KING’s X, this new cd really packs a punch. Urban Warfare contains 14 blistering brand new tracks and was mastered by renowned audio wizard Maor Appelbaum in Los Angeles, CA. “We wanted to put out a CD that fully captures the live essence and intensity of what KLANK is live and we couldn’t be happier with the result”, explains Diolosa.

See for yourself how KLANK mesh the aggression and pounce of metal with the infectious drive of the dance floor and intertwines it within a foreground of synths, samples, loops and low end to form a truly unique sound all their own.