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Young & Free Rawkzilla

Hillsong’s Young & Free “THIS IS LIVING” gets 4.5/5 stars

THIS IS LIVING  EP Written by: Jamin Cousins- DJ, Producer & Creative Director- River Valley Church    The new EP from Hillsong ...
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Album Cover_RCR Artwork

Rain City Rockers Aim To Reignite Power Punk

"Rain City Rockers are a band that, however long they play for, will be compared relentlessly to the likes of Blink-182, Bowling For Soup, Greend...
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Rock Fest! What to expect if you’ve never been!

Rock Fest, 2014. Caddott, Wisconsin. What a place to spend a weekend. I'm about as happy as this guy There is no limit to the things one ...
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Printz Board, Rawkzilla Magazine

Printz Board Pre-Games EP Review

"In 2011, The Black Eyed Peas announced that they would be taking another long sabbatical. While for many people that meant the indelible duo ...
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‘Twiztid’ live show review at Skyway MPLS

""On a cold, rainy, f**king cold and rainy Wednesday night (well, afternoon technically) I received a text message asking if I wanted to go to a ...
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Gustavo De Beauville volume 1 album review

""Following an Alberta Metal Award for “Best Production” and a nomination for “Best Track” on his contribution to “13 Arcane Hymns”, ...
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Citizens, Rawkzilla, Rockzilla Magazine

Citizens self-titled debut album 3.5/5 stars

Citizens have released their self-titled debut album; it is the first full album released from Mars Hill Music.  Citizens strongly resembles Need ...
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Shawn McDonald, Rawkzilla, Rockzilla Magazine

Shawn McDonald “The Analog Session” 4/5 stars

If it is possible, Shawn McDonald has made his greatest hits even better.  With the release of The Analog Sessions, McDonald has not just remixed ...
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Sanctus Real “Run”

Sanctus Real "Red" The sixth album from Sanctus Real is their most powerful and down-to-earth album yet. There are raw, captivating emotions found ...
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Beyonce… banned from Super Bowl ?

Its no secrete that Beyonce brought a stellar performance last night at the Super Bowl half time show.  Her "debut" return to the stage ...
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