“”On a cold, rainy, f**king cold and rainy Wednesday night (well, afternoon technically) I received a text message asking if I wanted to go to a concert at the Skyway and do a little reporting. Of course I would! Where? Who? When? I was bursting with excitement!

Skyway, Twiztid, Rawkzilla Magazine
(I thought “Oh, good to get out of the house. Do a body right”)

I ask my girlfriend if she wants to go, she seems giddy! My friend, Billy Ungemach (who did these awesome pictures) said he’s down too! Excellent! Free date night! Now what show am I going to? Twiztid? Who’s that? A quick Google search will stop me in my tracks.

Skyway, Twiztid, Rawkzilla  Magazine
(The bar tending staff was alert, attentive, and generous. As good as any service I’ve had at a bar)

I’ve already agreed to go out on my first assignment as a music journalist (sort-of journalist) and I’m responsible for our foursome (there’s four of us now) dragging ourselves on a miserable night to a Juggalo concert. Well, if nothing else, it should be some good people watching!

Skyway, Twiztid, Rawkzilla Magazine
(Hmmmmm…. decisions, decisions, decisions)

The first thing I notice as I arrive is that there is a ton of merch covering this entire window pane. Not that that’s a lot for a national act, but because I feel like I’m in Juggalo City, 55666. (#zipcodejokes)

Skyway, Twiztid, Rawkzilla Magazine
(There were two other merch stations flanking either side of the main area)

But as the crowd starts pouring in, I notice that something doesn’t seem right. A little off. Nobody is acting like a complete assclown. Everyone seems pretty chill. I ponder this as we slink off into a giant couch-area. Like a bench-couch that wraps all the way around two walls…

Skyway, Twiztid, Rawkzilla Magazine
(The anticipation is palpable)

In fact, I would go so far as to say that most of the people there, were pretty cool. I mean, there were about the same amount of conspicuous folks as at any other show, but overall I could sense more of a population of family than undesirables. Anyone who wasn’t staring at the music was off in a small group talking in a reasonable manner.

Skyway, Twiztid, Rawkzilla Magazine
(A lot of people were very friendly and positive)

This guy wearing a Bowser t-shirt had a blowup doll that he was… flailing around the stage. It sounds a bit coarse, but honestly, it was mesmerizing. As you can imagine, he was quite an animated fellow.

Skyway, Twiztid, Rawkzilla Magazine
(Up close, the Bowser getup was eye-popping I tell ya)

Now if you don’t know what a Juggalo is, here’s a history lesson. There once was a band called Insane Clown Posse. They play a lot of shows, and people like to attend them with clown makeup, and dress in many different ways to accent their… clowniness. They are like a big family and they have rituals like “Whoop! Whoop!”-ing and chanting various other things. A rap act named Twiztid is associated with ICP (for short) and hosts similar gatherings. That’s about as much as I knew when I got there.

Skyway, Twiztid, Rawkzilla Magazine
(Some straight-up clown faces)

Much to my surprise, the music startled me. It wasn’t terrible. I can’t say it’s something I would listen to, but that doesn’t mean I don’t respect it. I’ve heard ICP a little bit over the years, and most of the MCs (who also happened to be local from what I could tell/they said so) were holding their own within the style: creepy clown hip-hop/contemporary bass dwobble-step with a Beastie Boys kind of swag. I don’t usually deploy that word, but that’s exactly what it was. I even heard a couple of them say it themselves. And most importantly, I didn’t hate it. At times, I even enjoyed it.

Skyway, Twiztid, Rawkzilla Magazine
(The music had a hypnotic aspect to it)

Unfortunately though for Twiztid, a man known as Blaze Ya Dead Homie stole the night. I couldn’t really tell what the hell he was talking about half the time, but he had some pretty incredible moments. The beats were slick, and he was slicker. It was as if I had been transported from the cynical world of pigeonholes and stereotypes to a magical land, where anything was possible, and gumdrops grew like weeds in your back yard.

Skyway, Twiztid, Rawkzilla Magazine
(As far as I know, Blaze Ya Dead Homie; there was no playbill or poster present that listed the set times, so it was hard to keep track)

As you can imagine, the crowd was pro-weed. Now I only say this because there were people scattered all over the place handing out pamphlets for a weed rally downtownorsomewhere who clearly held a pretty *ahem* high opinion about the benefits of legalizing marijuana.
Skyway, Twiztid, Rawkzilla Magazine

(Not to insinuate anything about these folks here, I just thought this was a nice picture)

Now no disrespect, when Twiztid came out a bolt of energy sailed through the place. But Blaze, you so nasty. Maybe on a different night it would have been more of a climax, but on that cold, rainy, f**king cold and rainy Wednesday night in April, Blaze Ya Dead Homie was on fire!
Skyway, Twizdit, Rawkzilla Magazine
(Whom I believe to be the duo that is Twiztid… again, no playbill)

Skyway, Twiztid, Rawkzilla Magazine
(No, this is not Blaze Ya Dead Homie)””​