Elusive Parallelograms 

As music continues to transform and become a multiplicity of sound, musicians find themselves playing from a wide blend of all genres. Which is why you wouldn’t categorize most indie bands simply, as just a rock band. Elusive Parallelograms has the most wide-ranging of genres from psychedelic punk to electronic pop. It’s not like they just threw up a bunch of music and put it on a CD, each song is grounded in its own sound. The band has taken the time to  explore and understand the history of each genre and made it their own. They pride themselves on including all their inspirations.

With the changeover of members throughout the years, Elusive Parallelograms have also encountered different instrumental role changes, which are a reflection of the wide variety of styles in their music. With the current line up, including lead vocals and guitarist-Andrew Foys, guitarist and vocals-David Schessow, guitarist-Stefan Dostanic, bassist-Jeff Krause, keyboardist and vocals-Cory Husher, and drummer-Trevor B. Drummond, the band is much more collaborative and less tension filled than any previous incarnation.

Music of Elusive Parallelograms

During the making of their 2013 EP release, Fragments, the band went through, yet again, another switch with drummers. Marshall McGhee, as a fill in drummer. The album is a clear expression of the vibrant dynamic from one song to the next. The band is really focused and there is very much a shared cohesive goal, which makes everything easier. “All we want to do is make great music together in any way we possibly can,” says the band.

With six very different personalities and tremendous determination, Elusive Parallelograms strive to be the best musicians they can be. With previous experience recording their own music, the band has engineered a self built studio. All members conspire together to fully flesh out lyrics and musical ideas with their own sense of production. “We have all the time in the world to tweak and come up with ideas while not being bound to anyone else’s schedule. If someone gets an idea at 4 am, we can explore it,” says band members.

There is a new video in the making from Elusive Parallelograms coming this January to coincide with a new record release as well. “It  will be very different from anything we have previously done,” says the band.

Touring With Elusive Parallelograms

Elusive Parallelograms has traveled all across the US, which has put them in some interesting situations. The most amusing situation was when the band had to abandon their broke down Winnebago cause the engine blew out. Since the band had a show to play in 14 hours, they decided to rent a U-haul to finish the drive from Lawrence, KS to Chicago. The only problem was that the U-haul had three seats and, at the time, there were four band members. They decided to stick the bass player in the back with all the gear.

All was well till someone in Missouri spotted the bass player in the back and promptly called the police reporting they had an illegal immigrant riding in the back. The band gets pulled over with guns drawn and police asking how many people they had stowed away. Meanwhile the band is explaining the ‘our truck broke down’ story, a big bag of weed is discovered amongst the gear. Only it really wasn’t a bag of weed, it was literally fresh basil and oregano cause the bassist is a health nut. “The look on the officer’s face as he smelled the bag and realized we were being truthful was priceless,” laughs the band. “We obviously were let go and we made it to our show.”