I’m Not A Pilot

A cello player in a rock band… not what you typically think of when picturing a rock band, however; this unexpected arrangement in their music is what gives it such a unique sound.  Pairing up emotion filled lyrics and musicians with a variety of inspirations gives you a fresh new sound on a whole different level.

Hailing from Milwaukee Wisconsin, this indie pop-rock band is made up of vocalist and pianist-Mark Glatzel, Basist- Adrian Esguerra, vocalist and Cello player-Peter Thomas and Drummer-Steve Vorass Jr. Each member has a different and unique back ground in music which helps bring the fresh new sound they deliver.

The Music Of I’m Not A Pilot

This guitar-less rock band collaborates all their music together. Lead singer, Mark will present the band with a melody or partial song. Then each member will share their ideas after the verse, chorus and bridge as been roughed out.

Their latest album “The Story So Far,” will be released this November 19th. To much surprise, the album was a real struggle to make. At one point, there was doubt if the CD would ever be finished. There were many arguments and late nights, but they found common ground in the fact that their music has meant so much to them and to their fans. The album represents the very best of what I’m Not A Pilot can create when they work together.

I’m Not A Pilot is progressing in their fifth year and will keep on growing. There’s something to be said for working closely as a four piece band. “It’s like being married to a small group of people,” said band members. If you keep your passions at the forefront as other life responsibilities come into play, success will be made.

I’m Not A Pilot: Determind To Play For Fans

The band has toured all around the Wisconsin area. There’s a funny story about one of the bars they booked a gig in. This particular local bar in Eau Clair Wisonsin was a little rougher and tougher than the band was used to. Upon entering the bar, the bartender pointed to a corner where there was a mess of cords, some broken mic stands and a 4 channel mixer and said “There’s the sound. One of you will have to do it, I have to tend bar.” After the band had to move the pool table themselves to free a space for a stage, they quickly taped together the mess of sound equipment and found out that the cords were shorted and the mixer was shot. Luckily two friends who came with the band where audio engineers. In the end, the tedious hassle of setting up was worth it cause the fans were happy with their performance.

The original intent of the band has always stayed the same. Spreading a positive message has always been their goal. If others can relate to their lyrics or have a empathetic feeling, that is proof to Mark’s ability to portray his sentiment. Playing to packed crowds and feeling the love and support from fans has been a dream come true for the band.

I’m Not A Pilot Supports Cancer Awareness

This Time Tomorrow is a charity that uses music and the arts to inspire hope. Featuring I’m Not A Pilot for the 2013 charity event. Founder Cory Zimmerman wrote an endearing song for his friend after he was diagnosed with cancer 10 years ago. Each year, Cory invites an artist to cover the song in their own way. The song is presented at the foundation dinner each year along with other artists who donate their songs to the compilation CD. Funds from the dinner, CD sales and auctioned items that are donated as prizes all go into providing financial support to individual families and organizations focused on cancer research, education or advocacy. 

The CD release of “The Story So Far” will be held at Turner Hall Ballroom with David Cook on Tuesday, Nov. 19th. Doors open at 6:30pm. Click here for event Invite.

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