Mike Golden & Friends

Indie rock band, Mike Golden & Friends, brings a whole new dimension to making music. Their industrial sound is created by clinking beer bottles, leg slaps, clapping or even banging on a couple of boxes. They’ve been known to break a few bottles up on stage, adding to their visual performance.

Mike knew he was destined to make music. Making the decision to drop out of college to pursue his career was something he has never regretted. First starting out as a solo acoustic act, Mike conjured the idea of adding ‘& Friends” with his name to literally have friends step in and play at live shows. Other members include James-bassist, Jason-drummer, Josh-guitarist, Scot and Amanda-back up vocals.

Latest Album and Video From Mike Golden & Friends

With Mike Golden & Friends‘ 2014 release, Utopia, Mike wanted his music to appeal to a wider audience by finalizing his album in hip-hop studio, Classic Studios (even though Mike is typically more rock). “I wanted to make it the best record possible. Bring it main stream without changing my sound, too much. And I learned a lot from those guys, but I did have to cut some stuff out that sounded a little too hip-hoppy” says Mike.

I was able to speak with Mike on the phone while he was on his way to band practice. We talked about the meaning behind the word “utopia”. It comes from an imaginary place or state of things in which everything is perfect. While Mike was writing the song, “Utopia”, he realized that the meaning described where he wanted to be in his music career and with his personal life. And that’s when it hit him that the word should also become the name of the album. “I hired a couple of graphic designers to do the artwork for the cover. They were coming up with palm trees and islands and stuff like that. Those were ok. I  choose the design with the Greek goddess. It fits well with the word too, because it’s linked to the Greek language,” says Mike.

The latest music video by Mike Golden & Friends, directed by Kay Video Productions, “Keep Movin'”, was a re-release of their catalogue from 2009-2013. With the uplifting lyrics, Mike says it’s almost as if he’s giving some sort of advice to himself. With the B track not fitting in with their latest album, the track was released on its own in December of 2013.

Mike Golden & Friends Get Sidetracked

Toll booths can be an annoying inconvenience. Mike took care of that one night. He shared a funny story about driving right through one and breaking the horizontal gate. “I pull up to the thing. And there’s no where to put the money in. All my friends in the car were like, ‘just drive through, man’. I couldn’t back up because there were cars behind me. And since there wasn’t a bypass either, I just sped forward. After, I was so paranoid of getting stopped by cops, but we never were contacted. It was awesome,” laughs Mike.

My Reviews on Mike Golden & Friends

When I came across Mike Golden & Friends in my search for indie rock bands, I was blown away with his soothing, but strong voice. And with the first beat from the song “Keep Movin’”, I needed to hear more. And the lyrics are so inspiring. Mike was an extraordinary talent to talk to and I found his life story inspirational.