Natty Nation

When I hear a radio blasting reggae music, I think of slower tempos and lyrics that gear towards political topics and Rastafari. The band Natty Nation is all that, but with a twist. With reggae coming straight out of Jamaica, the band is one of the first to put an American spin to their beats. Molding music into their own style by adding a rock-n-roll twist. A hard rock rooted reggae style they have perfected over the years.

Originating in 1995 from Maddison, Wisconsin, Natty Nation has had changes in the bands line up throughout the years. With the current line up at their sharpest, they are sending high positive vibrations. Band members are lead vocalist JAH Boogie on bass, Aaron on keys & melodica, Richard & Louka on Guitar, Olen on drums, and Francisco on drums & percussion.

Natty Nation-Musically

With music in his bones, Jah Boogie was making noise with pots n pans at a young age before he could talk. Now as a matured musician, he his inspired by other musicians who can tell a story through their lyrics. By experimenting with different equipment, and using different types of languages, Jah Boogie has reached an extreme depth with his own song writing.

Natty Nation has been all around the world. Playing for the military bases in the Middle-East and Africa was one of many memorable moments for the band. “It was cool to send the positive vibe and show our appreciation to the troops added with a little bit of danger,” said Jah Boogie.

Because Natty Nation has had different members throughout the years, they’ve learned how to build and generate with other musicians and lead the way. Being creative and coming up with fresh ideas can be a struggle on its own. It’s not all about just playing music for the band. They’ve mastered how to use music as a tool to channel their own personal struggles and that makes their music more meaningful.

Natty NationClinic At A Time

CAAT is an organization that works with health clinics in Ethiopia. They work to expand existing facilities and deliver medical supplies to the clinics while helping to provide health education to the communities. Natty Nation has performed free concerts for the non-profit organization for the past 5 years, and have raised enough money to build 2 clinics in Ethiopia.