The Hussy

Typically, while watching a band play live on stage, you wouldn’t expect a band member to jump into the audience and crowd surf in the middle of his set while still playing his guitar. The Hussy is an in-your-face garage-thrash-punk band who is so interactive with their audience you may leave with a bruise or two before the night is over. With their unrestrained lyrics and gritty sound, you can’t help feeling inspired by this rampant duo from Madison Wisconsin.

Guitar player-Bobby and drummer-Heather formed together in the summer of 2008. Staying true to their aggressive style has been important to the pair throughout the years. “I hope our records stick around for a while and that we have a place in Madison music history,” says Bobby who is a self taught guitar player. In his early teens, hearing other musicians were the inspirational force in his life.

Part of being a true punker is having a collection of music on vinyl or cassette tapes. Yes, it’s true. According to Heather, “The past is the new future.” Trading cassette tapes are the preferred format for the punk culture. The only CD released by The Hussy has been their latest full length album, “Pagan Hiss” which was released on May 7th of this year. You can find their other LP and 7′ releases on vinyl.

Bobby records all of The Hussy’s music in their practice space, or sometimes even in his basement. Playing live as a duo can be a bit of a challenge because they are not able to layer the melodies and riffs as they do during the recordings. But because they are so aggressive in their live performance, it’s not a setback for the dynamic duo.

The Hussy has been creative in getting recognition for their band. Heather confidentially owns up to some of the tagging you may see all across the US. A little spray paint never hurt anybody. While the pair was on their US tour this past summer, they spray painted their names on a bunch of objects. They tagged a fire hydrant that was later blogged about by a fan.

Touring Europe in May of this year was definitely a memorable experience for The Hussy. They toured places like Madrid, Paris, Germany, Spain, and many more cities along the tour. Seeing all the fans sing along to their songs proves that this eminent duo has a following that has reached across overseas.

Although touring is one of the best parts for Bobby and Heather, finding the time for personal connections in their hometown can be a struggle. Bobby confesses about the meaning in some of his lyrics.  The longing for that one girl that stole his heart. “Writing about the expansion of the mind depending on what sorta day you’re having can be very healing,” says Bobby.

The Hussy eat, sleep and dream music. For Heather and Bobby, being in a band has really impacted  their lives for the better and has self assured them of who they are as musicians.