If it is possible, Shawn McDonald has made his greatest hits even better.  With the release of The Analog Sessions, McDonald has not just remixed the top 9 songs of his career, but he has completely re-recorded them, brining us a whole new caliber of music.


The Analog Sessions has a more intimate feel to it; it’s as if he is playing in your living room as opposed to an auditorium of strangers.  In a way, this album seems like it is more simple. Less about the big production, more about connecting with the possibilities that the music holds.


One of my favorites featured on this new album is “Gravity”.  This new version of “Gravity” is a little more upbeat from the very beginning.  What I like best about the new version is the presence of the drums throughout the whole song.  They are much more prominent, and they carry the song from start to finish.


There were some songs in which I preferred the originals.  The new version of “Closer” is good, but the original is way better.   Nothing can replace the piano introduction which sets the tone for the rest of the song.


In addition to his classic songs, McDonald drops 2 new tracks into the playlist – “What Are You Waiting For” and “Through It All.”  While it is nice to hear some of our favorites on this albums, it’s refreshing to have some new material from McDonald.  He is a very talented musician – any new song he produces is one to hang on to.


With this album, McDonald has proved he is a musician that is up for a challenge.  Revising old songs and creating new ones, all while holding true to the style we have grown to love him for. The Analog Sessions is one to add to your music library.



The Analog Sessions (2013) Album:

Original Release Date: (March 26, 2013)

Number of Discs: 1

Label: Sparrow Records


1. Eyes Forward

2. What Are You Waiting For

3. Gravity

4. Closer

5. Through It All

6. Rise

7. Captivated

8. Beautiful

9. The Space Between

10. Take My Hand

11. All I Need

12. What Are You Waiting For (Radio)

13. Through It All (Radio)


I give this album 4/5 stars Rawkzilla Star 4

Meghon Baker