Dominic Balli’s “American Dream” 2011

Written by Rawkzilla’s: David Hitchcock







Talk about mastering crossing genres,  “American Dream” is a very well put together collaboration of reggae, hip hop, rock and pop.   Kicking off the record is self titled  “American Dream”  (featuring Sonny of P.O.D.) a cool, catchy, effects driven grove writing a story about loosing yourself chasing what the world classifies as the “American Dream.”


Immediately following is a modernized traditional Reggae “skank”-(off beat rhythmic style) titled “We Won’t Stop.”  Anyone chasing hope and in need of some light in a dark place can surely relate to this song.



“Twenty Seventeen” (track eight) left me wanting to rewrite the songs progression.  There’s an amazing dramatic synth build with drums in the background that gets progressively louder and louder until your captivated in this huge epic intro that makes you feel like your in a fighter jet blasting the enemy out of the sky….until verse 1 starts. This is the kind song that confuses me, amazing intro, bridge and choruses but boring puny verses.  Its one of those moments where you ask yourself, ”do I have time to put my clothes in the wash before the chorus comes back on?”  (example: channel surfing during commercials)  I listened to this song over and over again just for the intro and chorus!



Lyrically, Dominic is crazy talented and paints a visual masterpiece with his personal life experiences.  Musically, there were a few things I would change as far as progression and song structure.  All in all this is a great album with a concrete solid message of hope and love.  To accompany this message Dominic brings you an awesome variety of musical genres!


I give “American Dream” 4 out of 5 stars


01 American Dream (feat. Sonny Sandoval of P.O.D.) 3:49

02 We Won’t Stop 3:50

03 Louder 3:11

04 Take My Love     2:43

05 See What We Become 3:16

06 Again and Again 3:47

07 Favela (feat. Nengo Vieira) 4:59

08 Twenty Seventeen 4:12

09 All We Need is Love 2:56

10 Refuge   3:30

11 You Are There (feat. Jenkins)    3:43

12 Daisy’s Song 4:18