Love Out Loud’s newest release:

“Catch Me If You Can”



Love Out Loud has taken the next step to becoming the band with the biggest font on the posters. The release of their EP “Catch Me If You Can” brings a thrilling new side out, all-the-while, still keeping their pop/rock roots around. Tracks like ‘Crazy Over You’ jumps genres to a light-hearted-summer-love radio hit. The smooth acoustic lines and hook vocals are what would happen if Colbie Caillat hung out with Owl City, which turns out awesome! Turn the dial and you’ll hear ‘More (Ohh La La)’ on your favorite top 40 station. It’ll be the song you play to get amped up when you’re heading to the club because you know it’ll be the first song you hear inside. Giving credit to this track, it’ll make you want to throw a party just so you can play it for your friends.


Through the new genre skills they showed off in this EP, they didn’t forget to rock out and have fun with ‘Steady Aim’ and ‘Who I Am’. These last few tracks (including the inspirational ‘Not Alone’) are a more developed version of their pop/rock Reliant K-type roots. Catchy hooks, great lyrics, and the oh-so-important factor: “will I sing along with it?” are present in plenty.


Overall, what makes this EP cool is that it’s sort of a genre cocktail, giving you a bit of everything. Usually, when bands try to stretch their style into another genre it turns out messy and forgettable, but L.O.L. has done it quite well. They’ve grown up and gone from ‘fun band with potential’ to ‘legit artist’. So, if you loved L.O.L. before, don’t worry, they’ve still got what you need. If you’re new to the party, they’ve definitely got a track to make you stay.


Album Art


Track Listing:

1- Crazy Over You

2- More (Ooh La La)

3- Not Alone

4- Steady Aim

5- Who I am

Written by: Jayson Webster