Its not very often (if ever) that a local band gets a solid break in their what is usually a brutal & short lived carrier and a chance to play in front of 1,600+ people, music executives and win $40,000 in cash, gear, and studio time.  One lucky band got this chance and “NAILED IT”!


Born and raised in the land of 10,000 lakes and farm land births a hard melodic rock band EMERGENT.  Made up of 5 dudes Aaron Dahl (Severah) – Vocals, Matt Burke (Black Days Down, 3 Pill Morning) – Drums, Jamal Carlson (Daybreak Medusa, Aestyria) – Bass, Gary Pahl (Samsahra, Faction) – Guitar, and Peter Ogrodnik (PHiXT) – Guitar, these guys all have one thing in common- “they get it”, they get that it takes countless hours of practice when you dont want to, they get that it takes writing songs over and over and over again until you have a chorus that stick in your head and MARKETABLE lyrics you can relate to.  They get that it takes staging, rehearsing, and planed choreography to put on a unforgettable show,-(not just showing up and playing). And they get that you gotta have related experienced people to help make smart business decisions regarding websites, merchandising, advertising, touring… well you get the big picture.  Bottom line is these guys have all the right pieces in place to be household name and on every rock station world wide.  Oh yah… and to top its all off they also just won $40,000 placing 1st in the Rawkzilla Battle of the Bands (biggest and most reputable battle in the US)-voted number 1 by bands.


VIP Judges:  Tim Anderson (Minneapolis Media Institute), Printz Board (Black Eyed Peas), Molly Fitzgearld (The Agency Group), Matt Fleming (Elite Talent Agency), Guy Mahmarian (Vision Van Gogh), Steve Huffman (VP Rawkzilla Magazine),                    David Hitchcock CEO Rawkzilla Magazine, Phil Einsohn (Sweetwine Entertainment),     Nick Pampenella (The Agency Group)


You can check out the band here:


Written By: David Hitchcock