Sanctus Real “Red”

The sixth album from Sanctus Real is their most powerful and down-to-earth album yet. There are raw, captivating emotions found in every song.  The thing that is great about this album is that they aren’t singing about perfect, Christian lives.  Lines such as “There’s going to be days when you just can’t win” and “dreams fade and wither over time” clearly illuminate the contrary.

Their songs simultaneously reveal depravity and hope. They hit at the heart of what it means to persevere through the tough times, and run to Jesus.  Musically, Run is consistent with some of Sanctus Real’s past albums.  This one does have a little more of a laid back feel to it,  but every song proves just how solid these musicians are. There is even a banjo to add a little flare. I would recommend putting this on your iPod, keeping the CD in your car, whatever you have to do to keep it handy.  Run is upbeat and lighthearted; it will inspire you, even when life seems impossible.




  1. Run (3:07)
  2. On Our Own (3:55)
  3. Promises (3:22)
  4. Pray (3:56)
  5. We Will Never Give Up (3:34)
  6. Nothing Between (3:43)
  7. Commitment (3:37)
  8. Keep Me Young (3:49)
  9. One of Those Things (3:56)
  10. Better Than This (3:57)
  11. Picture of Grace (3:52)
  12. You Are God (3:37)Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks:
  13. That’s Life (Bonus Track) (3:30)
  14. Love You Tightly (Bonus Track) (3:34)
  15. One More Show (Bonus Track) (2:23)
  16. Sanctuary (Bonus Track) (3:38)
  17. Run (Remix) (3:38)

I give this album 4 / 5 stars

Written by: Meghon Baker