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New Empire 'In A Breath' Rawkzilla Magazine

New Empire ‘In A Breath’ Album Review

  ""New Empire is back with In A Breath, their 3rd release since hitting the Sydney music scene in 2005. On February 4th they were ...
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Alexi P “Something Greater” album review

""Alexi P (for 'Paraschos') has a few things in common with Justin Timberlake. He's got a mind-bending falsetto with a wide range, a love ...
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Direct Divide, Rawkzilla

California band Direct Divide gets 3.5 stars for “Bridges”

“”I get an e-mail from the guy who e-mails me these sorts of things, and it's information about this band, “Direct Divide”. I guess ...
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2014 Rawkzilla Banner

2014 Battle of the bands sign up now open!

5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY !  DO NOT SIGN UP IF YOU ALREADY SIGNED UP Who: 60 of the twins cities best bands INVITE ONLY.  Apply and ...
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Gustavo De Beauville volume 1 album review

""Following an Alberta Metal Award for “Best Production” and a nomination for “Best Track” on his contribution to “13 Arcane Hymns”, ...
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Rawkzilla, Close Your Eyes

Close Your Eyes is keeping Faith

Cool band, cool song… I'm baffled that HURLEY would put out such a cheesy small budget studio music video… the original video is way ...
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Rawkzilla Judges

What are people saying about Rawkzilla?

I was thoroughly impressed with the level of talent and diversity the Rawkzilla finalists displayed. Definitely an enjoyable experience on all ...
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Rawkzilla, Breaking Bands

Big Merger = Breaking Bands

It always seems that in the music industry all label, management, and booking types avoid working together all at costs…  but 3 reputable ...
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the kickback

The Kickback

The Kickback Achieving your childhood dreams of becoming a rock star isn’t always the easiest thing to accomplish. It can feel ridiculous at ...
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Bruno Mars Half time show, Rawkzilla

Bruno Mars Epic Half time Fail ???

Being a huge concert fan, of course I am looking forward to the Super Bowl half-time show with Bruno Mars and special guest Red Hot Chili Peppers...
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