Its no secrete that Beyonce brought a stellar performance last night at the Super Bowl half time show.  Her “debut” return to the stage since having a child was nothing but spectacular.  One of the main reasons that she stands out to me is that she refuses to lip-sync unlike many other performers… I wont name any name though: Britney, Janet, Bieber, oneD, and essentially every other pop star.

Some may disagree with Beyonce and her lip-syncing, arguing her obvious  lip-sync during the Star Spangled Banner at the inaugural events.. however what most people don’t realize is that she was forced to lip-sync just like all the others in previous speeches.    The Presidential family and staff do not want to take any chances at potentially being embarrassed.  Bottom line is she killed it live on stage last night.  No lip-sync here and her voice was fantastic.

With all of that said, lets talk about her R rated stripper show airing on national television.  She’s hot, her Destiny Child girls are hot and whats not to like about her all female band and 20 mostly naked dancers tearing up on stage?!  Oh…wait… 10 year old boys across the world were watching her dry hump the stage!  Now I’m sure 98% of those 10 year old boys were loving every second of it, however; is this really the image/standard  we want to instill in our future leaders of whats left of our “free nation?”

Wardrobe malfunctions showed less than last nights peep show!

Over all I think the performance was great! Stellar production, great energy, amazing voice, and tight choreography.  I give the show 4/5 stars.


But lets not stop there, lets also give her a family friendly rating since it was on national tv… and that I give 1/5 stars.

1 star


Beyonce performs during the half time show in the NFL Super Bowl XLVII football game in New Orleans

Pepsi Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show