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The Unity Christian Music Festival is the flagship event of Muskegon, Michigan based non-profit (501c3) Alive on the Lakeshore.  In addition to Unity Christian Music Festival, Alive on the Lakeshore produces a number of other events across Michigan every year. Unity 2016 will be our 16th year and in that time we have become the largest Christian Music Festival in Michigan. 

We exist to support christian charitable ministries in the West Michigan area. To bring together the Body of Christ and to encourage the Christian community through service opportunity.


Here at Unity we take pride in our bands are preforming artists.  We are always looking for great up-and-coming local bands to showcase and this year we are excited to announce that we have partnered with Rawkzilla Magazine to find the best talent.  If you are an artist or are in a band and would like to compete for a chance to play live at Unity Festival then SIGN UP NOW, build your artist profile, and get our attention!  3 artists will have opportunity to play live, only 1 band will win and be entered into the National CFA Search with a chance to play all of the participating festivals! (Over 20 festivals) 

Jan 10th: Signup open

April 15th: Voting starts

May 1st:  Signup closed

June 1st: Voting ends

June 10th: Announce winners

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